Sesame Snaps

All-time Favourites

Enjoyed by Australians for years Sesame Snaps remain popular to this day. Golden Days Sesame Snaps make a great addition to school lunch boxes, they also provide a quick and convenient snack for busy people on the go.

Sesame Snaps
All-time Favourites

Original Sesame Snaps

Available in 40g, 120g and 200g packs.

The Original – and the best. This is Australia’s number 1
sesame snap in terms of sales. If you are one of the few who
has not yet tasted this deliciously crunchy snap, try one
today, your taste buds will thank you for it.

Yoghurt Sesame Snaps

Available in 40g and 120g packs.

Drizzled with yoghurt and made with all natural ingredients this
sesame snap tastes great and is perfect for school lunch boxes.

Dark Chocolate Sesame Snaps

Available in 120g packs

Smooth dark chocolate, drizzled over a crunchy sesame
snap, what’s not to love?

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