Nude Food

All Natural Ingredients

Crafted in Australia with a handful of simple, all natural ingredients Golden Days Nude Food Heavenly Balls and Snack Bars have no added sugars or syrups and have no artificial colours or flavours or added preservatives. A deliciously healthy, gluten free snack for all to enjoy.

Nude Food
All Natural Ingredients • Nothing to Hide

Heavenly Balls
Almond, Coconut & Cacao

Nuggets of goodness with simple ingredients and the clean
taste of almonds, coconuts and cacao…deliciously healthy.

Heavenly Balls
Almond, Cacao & Mint

Simple, all natural ingredients, the cool flavour of mint combined
with delicious cacao and almonds…heavenly.

Heavenly Balls
Hazelnut, Cacao and Orange

The classic combination of orange and cacao with hazelnuts,
makes these balls a delicious snack for all to enjoy.

Coconut and Almond Bar

Simply a handful of ingredients in this deliciously nourishing bar,
what’s not to enjoy?

Cacao and Hazelnut Bar

Simple ingredients, no added sugars and syrups…simply enjoyable.

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